Feature Slots Rules, How to Play Feature Slot Machines

Playing a game at a slot machine is really easy.

Use the Bet One button to increase the number of coins you are about to wager by one. If you are already wagering the maximum number of coins clicking the Bet One button again will set the number of coins to one.

When this is done start the game by clicking the Spin button.

Use the Max Bet button if you intend to wager the maximum number of coins for this slot machine on the next spin.

Any slot machine is simple to use. Almost all slot machines have the features described below.

The Reels determine the outcome of a game. Each reel spins separately and comes to a stop in turn. If the symbols line up along a valid payline then you win.

If, when the reels stop spinning, a valid combination of symbols is lined up it will be highlighted and the payout schedule will light up the winning combination.

The Payout Schedule tells you what combinations of reel symbols are valid winning combinations and what they pay out. When you get a winning payout the number next to the winning combination will be highlighted on your screen.

The Spin button starts a game on the slot machine. You must have enough credits to meet your current betting level to start the game.

The BET ONE and BET MAX buttons adjust the size of your next wager. The BET MAX button will automatically increase the number of coins bet to the maximum for this slot machine and spin the reels. If you do not have enough credits to place the bet you will not be allowed to spin.

Feature slots all have a feature symbol that relates to the theme of the game. When that feature symbol appears on a spin (inevitably on the third reel) a feature screen will begin, and a special extra game will begin that will offer the player the opportunity to win further coins.

Wheel Wealth feature screen